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Cuba is a exciting destination with some of the world’s finest beaches, a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant approach to life.

Cuba incorporates a fascinating blend of Latin American and Spanish cultures. Sail in the warm northeast trade winds, dive and snorkel on some of the most exquisite coral reefs in the Caribbean and when the sun goes down, party to the salsa rhythms.

Cienfuegos is one of Cuba’s largest and most prospering cities, with a tourist marina very close to the French-style centre filled with entertainment and eateries. From Cienfuegos on the south coast sail east to the beautiful Jardines de Reina Marine Park or west to Cayo Largo. This cruising area suits experienced skippers as the distances are not for the faint-hearted, especially at the start of the itinerary to get from Cienfuegos to the archipelagos when the passages are 50-60nm.

Spend a few days in Havana before or after your charter to fully experience the vibrant culture of this fascinating city.

Cuba Yacht Charter

  • Overview
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    Gran Teatro


    Valle Palace

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    Cayo Blanco

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    Cayo Blanco outlook

    Sailing holidays in Cuba

    • Direct flights with Virgin Atlantic to Havana
    • Jardines de la Reina-stunning marine life, pelicans, iguana & flamingos
    • Soak up the culture in Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage site
    • Take a tour of a cuban cigar factory
    • Average distances of 40nm/day, some days up to 60-70nm
    • Level 3 sailing
    • Average temperatures of around 26-30 degrees
    • Average winds force 4-6
    • Flexible start and finish dates possible
  • 1 Wk Cayo Largo

    Suggested 1 week sailing itinerary to Cayo Largo

    DAY 1 : Cayo Largo (75nm)

    Embark at Cienfuegos marina. Depart yacht berth for night cruise through the Caribbean tropical waters to Cayo Largo.

    DAY 2 : Cayo Largo

    Arrive Cayo Largo Marina before lunch. On the way, stop for snorkelling at the two big coral reefs off Cayo Ingles or Cayo Hijo de los Ballenatos. Anchor off and explore in your dinghy the fine white beaches, snorkelling and diving spots on and near Cayo Largo. Night in the marina or anchor near Playa Sirena beach.

    DAY 3 : Canal del Rosario (35nm)

    Early morning visit to Cayo Iguana (2nm from Cayo Largo). Cruising west with a stopover at the excellent beach of Playa Rosario with nearby coral reef for snorkelling. Anchor near Canal del Rosario, which offers protection against all prevailing winds.

    DAY 4 : Golfo de Batabano (40nm)

    Visit Cayo Cantiles reserve with monkeys and other wildlife. Sail north via Canal del Rosario on shallow turquoise waters of Golfo de Batabanó, on the way visit the lobster and fishing centres of Cayo Travesia or Cayo Flamenco. Anchor near Diego Pérez Lighthouse.

    DAY 5 : Guano del Este (35nm)

    Sail to Cayos de Dios, Sal or Guano del Este. Snorkel at coral reef with wide variety of fish and shellfish. Anchor for the night near Guano del Este lighthouse. In the northwest of Cayo Guano there is a small beach and coral reef for snorkelling.

    DAY 6 : Guajimico (45nm)

    Weighing anchor in early morning hours, sail east to Guajimico, a narrow cove with a small hotel with restaurant and swimming pool.

    DAY 7 : Cienfuegos (15nm)

    Cuba Cayo Largo 1 week sailing holiday itinerary

  • 1 Wk Jardines de la Reina

    Suggested 1 week sailing itinerary to Jardines de la Reina

    DAY 1 : Cienfuegos Marina

    Embark at Cienfuegos marina and take advantage of the local nightlife.

    DAY 2 : Guajimico (15nm)

    Sail to Guajimico, an area known for its excellent snorkeling and diving.

    DAY 3 : Cayo Blanco (40nm)

    Sail south east to Cayo Blanco, a beautiful and uninhabited island.

    DAY 4 : Cayo Zaza de Fuera (20nm)

    On the way to Cayo Zaza de Fera visit Cayo Machos de Afuera, home to iguanas and a small restaurant.

    DAY 5 : Cayo Bretón (20nm)

    Cayo Breton is separated by several narrow channels and marked by a lighthouse. This is the start of the Jardines de la Reina (‘Gardens of the Queen’), a nature reserve area of exceptional unspoilt beauty. Flamingos, turtles and iguanas roam here, and the snorkelling on the coral reefs in spectacular - look out for pirate treasure said to be hidden on the cays.

    Day 6 : Marina Trinidad (50nm)

    Sail back to civilization at the full-service Marina Trinidad.

    DAY 7 : Cienfuegos (60nm)

    Spend the day exploring Trinidad. Leave in the late evening hours to sail back to Cienfuegos through the night. Arrive back at base early morning.

    Cuba Jardines de la Reina 1 week sailing holiday itinerary

  • Sailing Conditions

    Sailing conditions in Cuba

    Expect some long passages of 50-60nm, especially at the start of the itinerary to get from Cienfuegos to the archipelagos. Although you are not to sail at night within the reef areas, there is no objection to sailing in deep waters in the dark so you can make a daylight landfall.

    Constant trade winds benefit the more sheltered south coast generally from an east to north-easterly direction. During the winter months, winds blow between 15-25 knots. Hurricanes are limited to the summer months of August to October.

    We have rated this destination a 'Level 3' (levels info)

  • Getting There

    Getting There

    Flights to Cuba

    Virgin Atlantic have direct flights to Havana.


    We recommend all clients pre-book transfers from the airport to the base. A transfer from Havana airport to Cienfuegos marina takes approximately 3 hours. 

"We had a wonderful time and would recommend the Islands. Make sure you go to Chatham Bay on Union Island, get Tim and the Bushman to cook you curried Conch - fantastic."

Grenadines 2014 - S.M.

Cuba Yacht Charter prices

Yachts from Marina Cienfuegos Prices shown are in GB£ per yacht for 1 week

2023 Prices Extra 5% OFF for 2 weeks.

2023 GB£ per yachtBali 4.1 - 4 + 2 cab.(2020)Bali 4.5 - 4 + 2 cab.(2019)Fountaine Pajot Saona 47 Quintet - 5 + 1 cab.(2019)Lagoon 52 F - 6 + 2 cab.(2018)Lagoon 620 - 6 + 2 cab.(2018)
Dates4 cabins/4WC4 cabins/4WC5 cabins/5WC6 cabins/6WC6 cabins/6WC
07 Jan-14 Apr73199352123101529024800
15-21 Apr6162700082951144324800
22-28 Apr6162700082951144324800
29 Apr-05 May492451246129855724800
06-19 May438143485233735224800
20-26 May360041144952696224800
27 May-02 Jun360041144952696224800
03 Jun-07 Jul321441144952696224800
08-28 Jul321441144952696224800
29 Jul-11 Aug321441144952696224800
12-18 Aug321441144952696220433
19 Aug-13 Oct306237384500632920433
14-20 Oct336741144952696220433
21-27 Oct370545245448765720433
28 Oct-03 Nov415749145919831924800
04-10 Nov451953436433904324800
11-15 Dec491458106995982924800
16-22 Dec491458106995982924800
23-29 Dec807111462135761873336433

Outboard for tender, bedlinen & towels, and snorkel gear included.

YACHT SECURITY: Non refundable insurance on request.


End Cleaning, Monohulls; 39' to 45' €180, 46' to 49' €215, 50' and above €240.

Catamarans; up to 40' €235, 41' to 45' €255, 46' to 49' €280, 50' and above €310.

Starter Pack and fees: €80

Mandatory Cuban tourist tax (varies on crew numbers)

Fuel used (fill up on return)
Optional extras: (i.e SUP's, Kayaks etc) available on request.
SKIPPER: €665/week + food and drink + own cabin


Prices may be subject to change.

Sailing Qualifications

To skipper a bareboat charter or flotilla yacht, you need to hold a practical sailing certificate equivalent to RYA Day Skipper Practical qualification or RYA International Certificate of Competence (ICC). For charters in Greece, you must now have the ICC certificate. You must also be assisted by at least one competent crew member over the age of 18.

The port authorities in Greece are now insisting on one of the following practical certificates: RYA ICC (International Certificate of Competence), RYA Coastal, RYA Yachtmaster, ASA IPC (International Proficiency Certificate) or the IYT (International Yacht Training) Passport. If you hold an RYA Day Skipper or ASA104 it will no longer be accepted and you need to obtain either an ICC or IPC from the corresponding issuing body (RYA or ASA). If your RYA Coastal/Yachtmaster or ASA105/106 certificate is more than 12 years old and does not have a photo ID, then we would also strongly advise applying for an ICC or IPC. If you are a member of the RYA or ASA, you may qualify for a discount or free certificate, otherwise, you will have to pay. The approximate cost is £50. Please use this link - RYA application for the ICC or ASA application for the IPC.

For charters in Croatia, Malta and the Canaries, at least one member of the crew or the skipper will also need a VHF licence.

RYA qualifications can be obtained by RYA sailing schools in the UK or alternatively choose from one of our overseas centres in Gibraltar, Greece or Turkey.

For Seychelles, the local authorities require an ICC for the skipper of a bareboat or flotilla yacht charter.

For Caribbean and Tropical charters, formal qualifications are not compulsory, however, you should be Day Skipper standard and be assisted by at least one competent crew. A brief sailing resume should be provided to outline your experience.

If you don't hold the relevant qualifications then why not add a skipper?

Sailing Levels

Level 1

Winds force 2-3 (4-11 Knots)combined with generally shorter distances. Good for beginner or intermediate sailors. Line-of-sight navigation but basic knowledge of charts and ability to plot your position required.

Level 2

Winds force 3-5 (7-21 Knots) with approximately 15-20nm per day. Intermediate experience required. Predominately line of sight navigation but an understanding of how to sail in open water.

Level 3

Winds force 4-6 (11-27 Knots) with mileage of approximately 20nm+ per day. Ideal for experienced skippers looking to venture out to new destinations. Day skipper standard but with experienced crew would be recommended.